Buying a Cloud Solution

SQ Buying CloudPaperback, May 2009, 150 pages, ISBN 978-0-9561556-4-1

Authors: Ian Gotts and Stephen Parker

Available at


Cloud Computing is a new business model that requires new thinking for our customers. How they architect the solution, how they secure the applications and how they federate their on-premise computing with the cloud are all extremely critical success factors for Cloud Computing adoption. Ian and Stephen have done a great job of exposing the questions that our customers need to be asking their cloud services vendors to ensure a successful project.

Shannon Day, Marketing Manager Software plus Services (Microsoft,

This is one of the most valuable and informative technology books for professionals that I have read. Finally the mystery of ―Cloud Computing‖ has been solved. This is a must read for anyone in IT or in a management position within a business that is considering or wants to know the straight facts about Cloud Computing. A good common sense review of what Cloud Computing is and is not, coupled with a detailed list of questions to help you decide on the right approach for your particular needs.

Toby Tarczy, Managing Director (Calvella,

This book parts the clouds on an exciting and inevitable evolution of information services and the way we work and play. It reminds all of us that the devil is in the detail and that the benefits to be realized, which are many, are won through effective planning and preparation and the effective execution of the implementation plan. Above all the book is practical, insightful and pragmatic. It will look strangely familiar to anyone experienced in managing change in systems and organizations. It is a valuable resource as its cuts through the mystery and explains it in plain language.

David E Alexander, Managing Director (Solutions Make The Difference,

There are many sources of information, but not one source for all the information that buyers need to conduct their evaluation of Cloud Computing. Until now that is – ―Thinking of… Buying Cloud Computing? Ask the Smart Questions‖ puts buyers in the driving seat. Caveat Emptor becomes Caveat Venditor!

Frank Bennett, Founder (SaaSDeal,


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