Updating and Enhancing Course Content, Course Delivery, and Academic Management

This book, a follow-on to Transitioning to Online Learning During COVID-19: Reflections by Practitioners, continues the stories of the lecturers, technology specialists, and management staff at UBSS as they move deeper into the new academic world of online and blended learning. (Alan Manly, OAM, Chairman and CEO, Group Colleges Australia)

Hardback, Dec 2021, 224 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-33-5

Authors: Angus Hooke, Greg Whateley

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)

The direct changes facing UBSS are occurring while the industries and disciplines covered by its academic courses are experiencing unprecedented change. This book focuses on how academics have incorporated changes that are taking place in the business world into the content of their courses and how they have adopted and adapted online tools to make their lessons more engaging for students. It also discusses how senior management is addressing topics of increasing importance such as the growth of online program management (OPM) companies and assessing teaching performance in an online environment. The lessons and suggestions made by our practitioners will be of great help to other UBSS staff and management. However, the information contained in the 18 chapters of this book should also provide interesting reading and practical ideas to other stakeholders in the higher education sector.

Alan Manly, OAM, Chairman and CEO, Group Colleges Australia

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