What can we learn from everyday successful Australian entrepreneurs?

The book is aimed at giving those that may be interested in entrepreneurship as a career (particularly UBSS local and international students) a feel of what it is “like to be in the driver’s seat”. This is whether it is in their own organisation or being entrepreneurially minded in someone else’s organisation. The book will give readers a feel of everyday Australian business success and help them to earn directly from successful entrepreneurs.

Hardback, Nov 2021, 304 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-32-8

Authors: Cyril Jankoff, Daniel Bendel

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)

We asked the same 15 questions to 15 “everyday” successful Australian entrepreneurs and then we analysed their answers to see if there are any common themes, and to see if their advice can be of use to business students, or indeed anyone interested in business.

We believe that this book would be particularly helpful for commerce / business students as it will assist them as to whether they wish to be entrepreneurs. Some of the 15 questions were designed to be of direct assistance to this audience.

Naturally it would be good if you could test being an entrepreneur to see if it suits you, but realistically this would be difficult to do. However, with this book at least you can read about entrepreneurs and let all this research help you in deciding whether you want to give entrepreneurship a go.

We seek to help the reader to spot the “potholes in the road” before they hit them and, if they do hit them, be able to mitigate and manage the consequences.

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