Transitioning to Online Learning During COVID-19: Reflections by Practitioners

The magnitude of the changes required to cope with the restrictions placed on face-to-face delivery and learning by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pace at which these changes needed to be implemented, came as a huge shock to students, lecturers, managers, and regulators in the education sector.

Hardback, Jun 2021, 152 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-30-4

Authors: Angus Hooke, Greg Whateley

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)

This book contains the stories of the lecturers, technology specialists and management who guided UBSS through the challenging and tiring, but sometimes also exhilarating transition period. The experience they have acquired and the lessons they have learned provide a platform for UBSS to move confidently into the next phase of education delivery. However, these lessons and suggestions can also help other higher education providers consolidate and enhance their move into and consolidation of online learning. The chapters in this book contain easily readable and valuable information for anyone working in education or just interested in online learning.

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