Offering a Cloud Solution

Paperback, 10 July 2009, 160 pages, ISBN 978-0-9561556-1-0

Authors: Ian Gotts & Stephen Parker

Available on


The whole Thinking of series focusing on the Smart Questions is a brilliant concept. These books encourage an informed debate rather than prescribing a specific path which may not be the right one for your business. This book is an invaluable resource for ISVs. The authors have done a great job in articulating the opportunities and the challenges ISVs face in this transition to a Software plus Services world. Although targeted at ISVs, in my view, it is equally valuable for customers so they can assess the capability of their software suppliers in providing resilient and capable Cloud services.
Gurprit Singh, Director Emerging Technologies, Microsoft, with its platform, has always believed in the power of Cloud Computing to deliver enterprise scale apps to businesses of every size.  We see it every day with our 60,000 customers. What Ian and Stephen have put together is the most comprehensive list of all the questions that an ISV should answer before ‘launching into the Clouds’.
Tim Knight, Senior Director,

Ian and Stephen have written an insightful book that takes a refreshing research-driven approach to helping businesses understand, navigate and take advantage of this dynamic Cloud Compute market.  Ask the Smart Questions provides practical advice on how to stay nimble and flexible in an ever-morphing cloud landscape and offers a paint-by-numbers Q&A session for decision makers looking to transform themselves and successfully claim a stake in the ‘Cloud pie’.
Steve O’Deegan, Managing Partner, Laurel Group 

Ian and Stephen have created a great handbook for all software developers looking to build solutions in the Cloud. If you are a software developer planning a Cloud Computing solution, then this book should be part of your planning process. If you are a software developer who hasn’t yet thought about how you will address the opportunity and threat that Cloud Computing creates for you, then Thinking of offering a Cloud solution is a great place to start and could help you to not be left behind by your peers. Whichever you are, answer the questions in Chapters 8 and 9 carefully as they are based on real world experience that has seen others succeed and fail. If you ignore any of these key questions, you will only have to answer them later and that could be too late.
Jeremy Roche, Chief Executive, CODA

This book offers ISVs a great entry into the new world of S+S. Ever wondered how, why or what? If so then the questions in this book and the thought it provokes are for you as it will stimulate your decisions as you consider moving all or part of your business to Software+Services.
Richard Phillips, ISV Partner Manager, Microsoft

An ISV usually realizes that moving to the Cloud isn’t optional, before they come to Navatar Group for help. The ISV doesn’t realize, however, that simply Cloud-enabling their On-Premise software won’t translate into a profitable business model. We recommend this book as a ‘must-read’ for every ISV so you can make an informed choice between selling a ‘product’ and providing a ‘service’, based on your customer needs and your ability to change. Answering the Smart Questions will provide a basis for a realistic cost benefit analysis as well as help you understand what will resonate with your customers and where you will need advice or partnerships.
Alok Misra, Principal, Navatar Group


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