Why Smart Questions

Smart Questions is a series of books written by Domain Experts for Smart People.   People like you.

The “Smart Questions” structure will help you to make well-informed choices. Parker Harris Co-founder, executive vice president, salesforce.com

The books give you some background on the subject. But hey, you already know a fair bit.  But what makes these books REALLY valuable is they have the list of questions that you didn’t know to ask  – but if you asked would save you a whole heap of time, cost or heartache.  Whether you want the Smart Questions for yourself or as a means to drive thinking within your customers, books are a great tool. People ignore marketing flyers, but they cannot throw away a book and if the book is useful they will keep it as a valuable reference guide.

The whole “Thinking of” series focusing on the Smart Questions is a brilliant concept. These books encourage an informed debate rather than prescribing a specific path which may not be the right one for your business. Gurprit Singh, Director Emerging Technologies, Microsoft 

The Smart Questions approach allows domain experts to become authors.  But we go further by connecting the authors with a wider community allowing them to contribute and improve the questions in the books. A form of crowdsourcing.