Maximising your investment as a Microsoft Partner

Clare Barclay, Director of Partner Strategy & Programmes, Microsoft Ltd“This book is a great resource for Microsoft partners – it provides smart questions and even smarter answers in a simple and clear way. If you’re looking to build, enhance or develop your partnership with Microsoft, I would highly recommend reading this book.”

Paperback, September 2009, 148 pages,

ISBN 978-0-9561556-6-5

Authors: Julie Simpson and Andy Trish

(Available at Amazon)


The CSAT can be a really powerful tool for assessing performance and customer opinion. If used correctly it will really benefit you rather than being a “tick in the box”.

David Irwin, Solutions Architect, Ergo Computing (Gold Certified Partner)

Keep talking at least on a weekly basis with your account manager about your business wins and about your wishes, he/she will be able to direct you to the right person/programme.

Philippe Limantour, Managing Director, YouSaaS, (Gold Certified Partner)

The segmentation and metrics have changed for FY10 (this fiscal year). Understand them completely, find the most relevant areas that positively affect your business and then utilise your account manager to drive field integration strategies and awareness.

Chris Teets, General Manager, Azaleos (Gold Certified Partner)

The internal use of licensing for production use and demos is really important. Not only to get the technical experience in using the latest products but to have sales confidence and realistic expectations of what the products do.

Doug Tutus, CEO, Newlease (Gold Certified Partner)

Work with an Account Manager on a business plan gaining commitment on the gives and gets.

Liam O’Mahony, Director, Computer Talk Ltd (Certified Partner)

To obtain increased market share in Dynamics, Microsoft and its partners will need to take an approach that requires specialisation rather than generalisation.

Garth D. Laird, President, ZAP (Gold Certified Partner)

I think it starts with being innovative – Taking Microsoft products and delivering creative and innovative solutions that demonstrate high return on investment.

Will Saville, Managing Director, Brightstarr Ltd (Gold Certified Partner)

If I had to give one piece of advice it would be „make use of what‟s on offer‟. As a Microsoft partner you have access to £££s worth of

Paul Doherty, Sales & Marketing Director, 7Global resources your business can make use of. (Gold Certified Partner)

As a startup the use of licenses and the Microsoft facilities are one of the major benefits and should be used from day one. Do whatever you can to attend the partner networking events.

Anders Trolle-Schultz, Partner, SaaS-it Consult (Registered Partner)

Microsoft is built around partnership, ignore that simple fact and the consequences are obvious.

Ben Gower, Managing Director, Perspicuity Ltd (Gold Certified Partner)

Microsoft won’t make you rich but your ability to capitalise on a quality Microsoft partnership may well do.

Jerome Mohamed, Sales & Marketing Director, OctaviaIS (Gold Certified Partner)

We were a registered partner for four years. We decided to go for Gold and achieved it in 15 months. Why on earth did we wait four years

Ian Gotts, Founder and CEO, Nimbus Partners (Gold Certified Partner)

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