Digital Transformation from the Director’s Perspective

If you are a Director or executive that is thinking about what Digital Transformation means to your business, then this book is aimed at you.  We ask the smart questions that will help you in “Problem shaping”, with a lens of strategy development, policy making, supervision and external accountability.

Paperback, Aug 2020, 152 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-20-5

Authors: Stephen Parker and David Cleminson

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)

Digital Transformation feels like it is the headline in articles across every business sector.  Some of these stories present the positive opportunities for growth and efficiency gains, while others discuss disruption, the rise of the robots and negation of whole business models.  Of course, hyperbole is natural during the emergence of new ideas and business models.  However, what is also true, is that if you allow change to be forced on you, then you will have far less control of the outcomes than if you actively engage in the change process.


“As Directors and executives, we are all endeavouring to ensure that our
organisations are strategically positioned to maximise opportunities as they
arise, as well as effectively managing significant future disruption.
The first two Chapters of this book cover various aspects of transformation,
disruption and change management as well as more importantly, providing
clarification of the terms, Digital and Business Transformation.
Chapters Five through Seven are a ‘breath of fresh air’. They provide in an easy
to read format, realistic insights into the questions to be asked from an internal,
external, and technological perspective.”

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