The Internet of Things from the Director’s Perspective

If you are a Director or executive that is thinking about what the Internet of Things (IoT) means to your business, then this book is aimed at you.  We ask the smart questions that will help you in “Problem shaping”, with a lens of strategy development, policy making, supervision and external accountability.

Paperback, Nov 2017, 128 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-22-9

Authors: Stephen Parker and David Goad

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)


“This book asks all the right questions about every stage of the IoT process, especially questions pertaining to how your implementation will affect the Customer Experience.” (CHARLIE ISAACS, CTO for Customer Connection & IoT CTO, Salesforce)

“Goad & Parker’s book is essential reading for modern directors & executives in the disruptive world of IoT.” (SIMON NEAVERSON, FAICD, Founder of GovernRight)

“If you are a director and have not read a book like this then you are failing to prepare – and preparing to fail.” (MARK PESCE, Honorary Associate Digital Cultures, University of Sydney)

“This book provides a head start for the problem shapers in business by helping to provide context on how we think about the opportunities that lay ahead.” (FRANK ZEICHNER, CEO, IoT Alliance Australia)

“Stephen and David have compiled a comprehensive and practical guide for those looking to tackle the complexity of IoT. A #mustread for directors who are not comfortable with having disruption forced upon them” (STUART WAITE, CEO, Timpani Board Member, IoT Alliance Australia)

“All the things I was most frightened of and least knowledgeable about have been laid bare, and in a language I could actually understand. I am now empowered – IoT, the cloud, AI ,mobility and things Cyber are now within my grasp thanks to Parker and Goad.” (PROFESSOR GREG WHATELEY, Executive Dean and Provost, UBSS)

“Thought leadership is central to our members “Value Add”. This book jump starts that process for the Internet of Things.” (BRETT CHALMERS, CEO, SMBiTPro)

“When something brand new comes along, it can be difficult to know how to position the opportunity and challenges. This book unravels the right questions and why they are relevant for those facing the new world of IoT.” (DEAN CALVERT, Managing Director, Calvert Technologies)

“By asking smart questions, Directors can position IoT in the context of their digital workplace and market position before jumping to solution-mode thinking.” (NATALIE HARDWICKE, Digital Workplace Consultant and PhD Candidate)

“The effect of IoT will be unprecedented, changing every aspect of our business and private lives. It may be more appropriate to refer to IoT as the Impact of Things. As company directors and executives, it is essential that we consider how this new reality will shape our business landscape before we jump into solving mode.” (EITAN BIENSTOCK, Director and Founder, Everything IoT)

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