Relocating to Silicon Valley

This book has been written for anyone who is relocating to Silicon Valley from mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It has been written based on our UK experience, but distance of these other countries from the West Coast makes the logistics challenges similar.

Paperback, May 2019, 110 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-26-7

Authors: Natalie Gotts, Ian Gotts

(Available at Amazon and other online book stores)

You could be an employee being seconded to the US or an entrepreneur or executive looking to drive US growth. This is not aimed at refugees or asylum seekers!!

This book is intended to be a catalyst for action aimed both at the person moving and their partner, who will probably pick up much of the logistics planning and execution.

The person moving

This is both exciting and scary.  A step into the unknown.  So, you need to focus on the job at hand – your new assignment in the US.

Therefore, this book aims to remove the stress of the move by giving you the lists of what you need to do.

The spouse/partner of the person moving

Through the book we call this person the Supporter.

The Supporter is probably going the bear the brunt of the moving logistics, which is not insignificant especially if you have children and pets to move as well. The move is likely to cause more stress across the family than anything so far in your relationship.

This book will help you ask the Smart Questions, because if you don’t it may put your relationship at risk.

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