Office 365 and the business conversation

Microsoft Office 365 is shifting the sale of software from a product oriented, feature by feature process into one that is driven by business focused conversations that deliver clear value added outcomes.  This shift in focus creates opportunities for the IT companies to be engaged at a fundamentally  different level with their customers.  However, this requires a new way of thinking and additional more consulting focused skills.

Paperback, Apr 2015, 84 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-18-2

Authors: Stephen JK Parker, Frank Bennett

(Available at Amazon)


We are bold and we take our customers on a journey to utopia, a world where IT services just work. We speak about outcomes for our customers rather than technology as this is the language of ‘as a service’. The best thing about Office 365 and Azure is that the conversations you have with your customers are no longer about technology itself but how you can help them become better businesses. Follow the advice in this book and maybe next year you will be collecting the Microsoft Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year Award. Mitchell Feldman, CEO and Founder cloudamour, Microsoft Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year 2014


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