Driving Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

MS DynamicsPaperback, June 2011, 128 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-10-6

Authors: Jim Sheehan and Steve Thompson

Available at Amazon.com


This guide provides quick and concise guidance for customers and partners to better understand how decisions around CRM are made and how to drive high-value scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in an accelerated manner. It dispels some of the myths around CRM and highlights some of the critical questions to address in implementing a robust and effective CRM experience regardless of business or technology constraints. Brad Wilson, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM


“A well written business book for executives who need to quickly get to the key points of CRM implementation. This will help organizations focus on the right things that ultimately help make decisions impacting the cultural change needed to ensure customer relationship management is a success. A must read if an organization has any interest in growth and sees CRM as a vehicle to take them on the journey to make it happen.”

Dave Hutchinson, Executive Vice President, Client Profiles

In our experience as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner, eSavvy has found this book reflects a lot of the practical aspects and questions we encounter every day. It is therefore a valuable resource for customers and partners to get the most from the 30 day trial process.

David Goad, Managing Director, eSavvy (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Whether public cloud, partner hosted, on-premises or a hybrid solution, Microsoft’s strength is the choice it offers customers and the partner eco-system that supports this. This book provides the insight and questions that will allow businesses to understand how to take advantage of this choice.

Warren Nolan, General Manager Sales APAC, NewLease Pty Ltd

Smart Questions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a no-nonsense way to quickly understand how to drive business with customer relationship management in an accelerated manner. For companies interested in getting in the game, here’s the playbook.

Kim Smith, Director, Cloud & CRM Partner Strategy, Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Corporation


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