Applying for a patent in Australia

Applying for a patent in Australia (Spruson)Paperback, June 2012, 150 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-14-4

Authors: Matt Lohmeyer and Philip Heuzenroeder

Available at


For any individual or small business considering filing an Australian patent application, investing the time to read Thinking of Applying for a Patent in Australia? is an investment that will pay dividends.”

Yasmin King, Inaugural NSW Small Business Commissioner

“Applying for a patent in Australia brings a new level of clarity to the question ‘to patent or not to patent?’. Many Australian Organisations are not intimately aware of the power that intangible assets can provide them in the global marketplace. This book provides a fantastic first port of call for those pondering this question, and will provide insight into the key questions that need to be considered.”

Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Mission HQ Pty Ltd

“An enjoyable romp through the normally dry landscape of patenting! The book should be required reading for budding inventors.”

Andrew Baker, Partner, GBS Venture Partners

“Most engineers and scientists would agree that the difference between success and failure in technical matters is usually the time taken to honestly answer a few smart questions. IP protection and commercialisation is no different. This book takes the masses of information available on the patent system and distils it into a simple, concrete methodology for evaluating and protecting any new idea. Matt and Philip have done a fantastic job in creating a useful tool for people of all levels of experience who want to make smart decisions about patent protection.”

Warwick Bagnall, Chief Engineer, Cavitus Pty Ltd

“This book is exactly what we need. Hopefully it will encourage many inventors to ‘unlock the bottom drawer’ and let their inventions and IP take a breath of life. The approach is engaging and intelligent and will assist many entrepreneurs and angel investors to navigate the complexities of IP.”

Christine Kaine, Founder, Business Angels Pty Ltd

“I wish I had read this book before I engaged an IP lawyer, I could have saved thousands in legal fees by being better prepared. Money which would have been better spent on marketing.”

Jonathan Weinberg, Serial Entrepreneur and Owner, HeartCall Pty Ltd

“Thinking of Applying for a Patent in Australia? answers all the questions you already have, and a few more you didn’t know to ask, about this daunting process. I would make this required reading for anyone that asks about what to do with their invention. Well done to Matt and Philip for finally clearing the air on this tricky issue.”

Dr David Andrews, technology commercialisation executive

“If you are looking to patent, reading Smart Questions will improve your chances of getting a return on your investment.”

David Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, X-Energy Pty Ltd

“The Smart Question structure works extremely well. The authors have successfully consolidated their considerable personal experiences of IP and commercialisation to produce an exceptionally effective and useful tool for the reader.”

David Cosgrave, Lecturer, The College of Law

“There are any number of publications available providing the fine detail on every aspect of patenting and IP due diligence. As an investor in early stage technology companies, I have struggled to find an IP user’s guide that tells me what I want to know quickly and in a form that is easy to understand. Lohmeyer and Heuzenroeder’s new book will make a great reference text or can be used as a comprehensive introduction for those wanting a broad understanding of the IP landscape in Australia.”

Mark Bonnar, Investment Director, Cleantech Ventures Pty Ltd

“An easy read format and big on content. The book helps you get to the important points quickly. The structure on topics with question / response format makes for a great reference document and is a big aid when helping others within the business. … I definitely value our IP differently and have a much clearer understanding of when to seek patent and when not too. As a mechanical engineer I have had a couple of inventions during my career that I now wish I had pursued a patent for. Your book has made me realise this.”

Paul Parry, Assistant Line Manager, Norske Skog Boyer

“An essential handbook for inventors, SME managers and anybody who wants to understand the patent world in Australia. A very enjoyable read, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the Australian IP system”

Hesham Soliman, Founder & Director, Elevate Technologies Pty Ltd


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