Planning for ERP in the cloud

Despite the hype and noise there would appear to be some real credibility around the delivery of Cloud services. But are we really ready to trust the Cloud with our Line of Business applications? This book will provide you with the smart questions to help your planning process as you think about using the Cloud for your ERP systems.

Paperback, June 2011, 84 pages, ISBN 978-1-907453-09-0

Author: Stephen Parker

(Available from Amazon)


“This is the best description and directive on Cloud, specifically ERP Cloud, that I have read to date. In less than 80 pages, the Smart Questions book gives a really nice breakdown of Cloud descriptions and priorities which helps bring order to all the “Cloud Marketing” chaos out there in the market. I think this was a tremendous idea by Microsoft, to partner on developing this content for the “Asking the Smart Questions” series. The questions proposed are right on the money and providing simple answers to “Why it matters” helps drive clarity to my evaluation of the cloud as a business owner. I would score this content as a bull‟s-eye!”

Matt Woodward, President, SMB Suite

“As Partners contemplate moving their business to the cloud, it is important to go through the right thought process to determine the needs, motivation, and important business changes and challenges such a move can potentially create. Planning for ERP in the Cloud is a great guide that will help partners take a 360 degree view of the potential effect on their customers, vendors, consultants and management team in moving to the cloud.”

Linda Rose, CPA, President/CEO, Rose Business Solutions Inc.

“The growth of customers asking about the Cloud is accelerating. Microsoft‟s commitment to the Cloud is providing credibility. Our experience in supporting an eco-system of over 700 Microsoft partners offering Cloud services is that their success is directly linked to the quality of their planning. This book will be a huge help in removing the „where do I start‟ challenge as partners consider adding Cloud ERP to their portfolio.”

Doug Tutus, CEO, NewLease

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